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澳门赌博攻略:British fund difficult to break the personnel difficulties

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内容摘要: Evergrande Foundation, which has been in existence for more than five years, has yet to get out of the turmoil in personnel turmoil. Recent...

Evergrande Foundation, which has been in existence for more than five years, has yet to get out of the turmoil in personnel turmoil. Recently, the British University Foundation issued a notice on the change of senior executives. Zhu Zhi, the general manager of the Company, took the post of chief inspector. In fact, Zhu Zhi joined the company in less than one year , Has involved the deputy general manager, general manager, chief inspector three major positions, thus exposing the Great Britain Fund personnel constraints. Throughout the history of the company, general manager of the British fund positions also fluctuate perennially, fund managers are frequently leaving, which also affects the British investment and fund performance and scale of growth.

Talent Reserve stretched

Most fund inspectors general vacancies Most of the month, the company announced that on behalf of the general manager of Zhu Zhi to perform their duties. Beijing Commercial Daily reporter noted that Zhu Zhigang joined the Great Britain Fund in July last year, and in less than a month's time from deputy general manager promoted to general manager of the company, so a short time to take over the company's work on Zhu Chi proposed a rigorous test but also exposed the lack of executive talent.

For the change of the position of chief inspector, Beijing Commercial Daily reporter called British Great Fund for interviews. The company official said that at present the company has the chief inspector candidate, because it involves the regulatory filing and approval, the person in charge of corporate compliance Relevant information temporarily disclosed, pending approval of regulatory authorities, the company will promptly disclose information to the public.

Beijing Business Daily reporter noticed that in recent years, Great Britain Fund has been unable to emerge from the predicament of "talent crisis". From the position of the general manager, frequent changes. Public information shows that the Great Britain Fund was not yet full-year-old, when general manager Liu Guangcan announced his resignation, the reasons for leaving due to personal career planning to choose to resign, the company chairman Chen Shu-tang on behalf of their posts. After a full year of vacancies until June 2014, the general manager Yang Feng joined the Great Britain Fund to formally serve as the company "head", but good long-term, in early September 2016, Yang Feng left for personal reasons , Working time just turned two years and three months.

Chang Chuan-liang, then the chairman of the board, took the post of general manager. Then, in June 2017, Zhang Chuanliang again due to work needs to leave, Kong Wang took over the chairman of the British Foundation, and serves as general manager. July 28, 2017, when the company's deputy general manager Zhu Zhi was promoted to general manager. It is worth mentioning that, July 12, 2017, Zhu Zhigang just joined the British fund as deputy general manager. Statistics show that prior to joining the Great Britain Fund, Zhu Zhi served in the State Grid Ying Da International Holding Group, from April 2009 to December 2010, Ren Guo Wang Asset Management Co., Ltd. Development Planning Department staff level 4; December 2010 to 2014 In July of 2014, Ren was appointed as the manager of Development Planning Department of Yingda Yingda International Holding Group Co., Ltd. From July 2014 to October 2014, he served as assistant to the director of Development Planning Department of Yingda Yingda International Holding Group Co., Ltd. From October 2014 to 2016 In November, Ren Guo Wang Ying Da International Holdings Group Co., Ltd.Development Planning DepartmentDeputy director; November 2016 to June 2017, Ren Guoying Ying Tai International Holding Group Co., Ltd. Insurance Deputy director of the business department.

In addition to the general manager, the position of Inspector General of the National Taiwan University Fund is not stable. On November 28, 2015, Zhang Ning, former chief inspector of the British Foundation, resigned for personal reasons and was replaced by then-deputy general manager Zhao Zhao until 2016 On March 16, the British University Foundation ushered in a new chief inspector. On January 30 this year, Zong Guangmin resigned for personal reasons. In addition, on June 30 last year, Zhao Zhao, former deputy general manager of Great Britain Fund, also submitted a resignation application to the company for personal reasons.

British fund managers to accelerate the runaway at the same time, the company investment research team also lit a red light. Liu Xi, Zhao Qiang, Qin Ling, Zhou Mulin, Zhang Wei, Liu Jie, Zhang Linna and other fund managers have left the British Foundation for personal reasons. Public information shows that the British investment fund's research team has a small number of personnel, the company only Yuanzhong Wei, Guan Ruilong, Yi Qi Kun, Zhang Yuan four fund managers.

Beijing Commercial Daily reporter also found that the British fund managers are mostly "rookie" manager, Morningstar Network data show that as of February 27, Guan Ruilong as a fund manager time is only 1 year and 9 days, easy Qi Kun served as a fund manager for only 361 days. Zhang Yuan joined the UK Great Fund as an investment manager assistant in Equity Investment in September 2016 and was promoted to a fund manager in January of this year. She took less than 50 days to serve.

For investment research personnel training, the UK Foundation said: "The company has been investigating and exploring more competitive and attractive incentive mechanisms and strive to be more ways and means for companies and industries to cultivate more and better talent."

Scarcity rankings

Lack of management personnel, lack of management experience of fund managers, the Great Fund, the public offering business into a development lag, Beijing Commercial Daily reporter noticed that the British Fund in the past two years, there is no product distribution, the stock share has also been Redemption, the company suffered a shrinking scale of asset pain, the scale has also been a lot of "junior" overtake.

Back to British University Fund's multi-year development path is not difficult to find, the size of company assets perennial hovering in the middle and lower reaches of the scale of raised funds. Data show that by the end of 2014, the British fund assets of 438000000 yuan, 94 in 86 places, the 86th place in the fund company . In 2015, with the bull market easing up, the scale of assets climbed to 5.048 billion yuan and the scale ranked third to 83rd. In 2016, the size of Great Britain Fund was disgraced. As of the end of the year, the scale of landslide hit a record high of 2.128 billion yuan and the scale dropped to 100th. The non- Monetary Fund assets of 1.565 billion yuan, ranked 89th. In 2017, the non-monetary funds of the Great Britain-Pacific Fund shrank to RMB1,261 million and slipped to No. 98.

British fund size does not advance or retreat, but also allow the same period set up or even the late establishment of small companies to catch up, also established in 2012 Debang Fund 7 _89456_50_65473_9, 2017 non- cargo base scale has reached 5.191 billion Yuan, the former sea open source in 2013, China Life Insurance Fund non-cargo base scale has reached 314.94 billion yuan, 42.908 billion yuan.

Beijing Commercial Daily reporter noticed that the Great Fund last year, non-base weight-loss model is mainly due to the withdrawal of funds from more than one product agency customers. Data show that the largest share of the British fund last year, a shrinking share of a product configuration hybrid initiator fund A share of the fourth quarter of last year, one of the institutional clients redemption of 494 million copies last quarter of the fourth quarter, product agencies The percentage of investors held dropped from 100% at the beginning of the year to 92.1%.

In addition, the British strategy optimization hybrid funds A share, the British debt A share of the fund shares shrink more than 90 million copies, as of the end of last year, the two fund institutional investors holding fund shares Proportion accounted for 99.93%, 78.18%.

If the products of small and medium-sized fund companies rely too much on institutional funds, they will often result in a substantial increase or decrease in scale or even be reduced to shellfish products. "Small and medium-sized fund companies relying on agency outsourcing have the characteristics of lack of product line, lack of investment and research ability of the equity fund, single investor structure and unstable fund scale. Once encountering" Black Swan Incident "in the market, the liquidity risk should not be underestimated. "Surplus Fund Research member Yang Xiaoqing analysis Road.

Single product line structure

Investors lack of reserve, but also lead to a large number of products Great Britain Fund. Data show that there are currently only 7 British Undergraduate Fund (A, C shares combined calculation) products, the final product is set to freeze in November 2016. However, the relevant person in charge of the Great Britain Fund said that at present the company has received public offering of the SFC approval, and more than just reserve products are preparing to declare.

Investment Research Institute to speed up the loss of sequelae is also reflected in the British investment fund shares partial investment performance, the data show that as of February 27, this year, the British fund's partial shares of five products, two products run Industry average -0.13% return on performance. Yingrui strategy optimization A, C share of the annual rate of return of -0.21%, -0.28%, Yingda Ruisheng flexible allocation of hybrid funds A, C share of the results for the year reported losses of 0.56%, respectively, losses were 0.59%.

The timeline stretched in the past three years, the Fund's yield point of view, the British University of Great Britain and Taiwan fund strategy preferred C shares, Yingda Ruisheng flexible configuration hybrid fund A, C share of return rate is lower than the same type of product 11.35% The average level of return.

For the future development plan of the company, Yingda Fund said that in 2018, the Company's public offering business will continue to enhance the investment performance of existing equity and fixed income products and will also set up an index-enhanced fund in 2011. The fund will be debt-based , On the other hand, it will actively implement the spirit of the 19 National Congress and its regulatory guidance. According to the orientation of "service industries and service industries," we will take the economic development of service entities as an important direction and actively deploy energy resources. The "One Belt and One Road" initiative , Military and civilian integration and other fields, to promote the development of real economy play a role.

Fund raised increasingly competitive competition, small fund companies to seize market share at a disadvantage. Yang Xiaoqing believes that "the public offering market performance is king, want to achieve the scale of leap forward, the most reliable way is to do a good job, small companies can use foreign aid, the introduction of strategic investors, help companies in management, investment research, channels Comprehensive development. "





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